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Summer 17/18


This summer, Emilie Costechareyre created a collection inspired by the colour of nature (blue and green) and the roughest of the volcano stone (Le Feu earrings, Lava ronde). 

In this collection, you will find again the moon and the star symbols, that Emilie cherish. Lovers favourite, will still find some core collection, with the Elvis, the Christelle, or the Magdalena necklace. 

Earrings are big again this summer, worn as a statement, with symmetry or asymmetry designs. (la main earrings, Studio 54 earrings, J’adore to name a few…)

The campaign was shoot by French photographer Amath Magnan. The Muse of this Planet collection is the beautiful Italian Model, Roberta Pecoraro. Roberta was embellished by the oh so talented Ania Milczyk